Friday, August 21, 2009

Realizing My Worth

Last nights bible study really opened my eyes.  The topic was the Spirit of Adoption.  The study focused on our relationship with God and how God views us.  Often times, we think that we are so unreachable and that God does not care about us.  We put God in a box and think that he views us and treats us like the people in our lives.  Some of the people in our lives do not value us.  They talk down to us, they are unsupportive, they don't take the time to really get to know us, and do not have unconditional love for us.  This is not the case with God.  He is our Father.  In fact, God is our Dad.  He loves us, he thinks we are beautiful, he wants to talk to us, he wants to take care of us, and he delights in us.  Once we are saved, we are adopted into God's family. We are no longer outsiders.  We have access to God at all times. 

Many people do not know the level I am at with my battle with weight. Many probably think I am just being lazy, but that's not the case.  After last night's bible study, I realized that my problem is that I was not valuing myself.  When you value something, you take care of it and you nurture it.  I value my son; therefore, I take care of him, I nurture him, and I make sure he has everything he needs.  I love him and will make sure he has the best that life can offer.  If I valued myself, I would not overindulge in food and drinks that are bad for my body.  Eating one heath bar is ok.  Eating two heath bars is pushing it.  Eating three heath bars is bad.  Eating four heath bars is reckless and gluttonous.  Sprite was a real comfort for me. It soothed me.  Although I find comfort and joy in these types of food and drinks, they are not good for me.  I have to start loving myself, seeing beauty in myself and my spirit, and realize my worth.  God loves me and thinks I'm beautiful.  When I start to know these things for myself, my obesity will be a thing of the past.

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